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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Clash of Clans Defense Layout

Since there have been so many updates to Clash of Clans recently: from the new troops; to the addition of all the walls... I thought I would make a post that should keep up with the times a lot better than a blog post.

There is an iOS app is called Clash Tactics and it is free in the App Store:

In the app you can check out the most recently uploaded layouts, the highest rated layouts, as well as upload your own village layout and get feedback from other clashers:

It is convenient for choosing which Town Hall layouts you want to check out:

 Plenty of interesting layouts to copy or just check out (hope Jenny said yes...)

 The best part: find a layout you like, zoom in and copy it exactly. Then tweak from there if you find any weak spots from future raids.

This way you can check up on other's villages when there is a new update to get an idea of what you should do to keep your loot or trophies safe.

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