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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Clash of Clans Defense Strategy

**For more up-to-date defense ideas, check my new defense tactics post**

I saw this on the Supercell Forums for Clash of Clans and thought everyone should take a look at this useful tool. Since you have to become a member of the forums to actually see it... I thought I would make it easy for anyone to download it from here.

To get the full use of the village planner, you'll need excel or a program that can open spreadsheets (open office is free and will work), but I'll also post screenshots of the different town hall defenses. This tool will allow you to design your village layout without moving anything in game.

Download the spreadsheet here.

**Please be aware these were all done before the latest update (Barbarian King/Archer Queen update) so you will have some extra things to move around.

The town Hall 7 was one of the best, I don't think I was ever 3 starred from anyone attacking from the right. The town Hall 8 is good as well, I haven't been 3 starred in the 3 weeks I've had it.

You'll need this for the next screenshots:

Town Hall 5

Town Hall 6

Town Hall 7

Town Hall 8

This is my current setup as of 4/24: 

I still haven't decided what to do about the extra air defense. A couple things to note is the fake teslas, this is where most of my attacks would come from and it was easy for goblins to take everything if they had more than 8 well-placed wall-breakers. The second thing is the town hall and barbarian king placement. If I am trying to gain trophies, i stick the town hall inside everything. If I am in farming mode, I trade the king and the town hall. With the town hall outside, I rarely get people to fully attack me, even with millions in my storages.

With the last updates (walls and more buildings) you have a little more to play around with. I just look for weak spots from the replays and then try to make it difficult to attack there. Most of my attacks come from the bottom and they don't expect the tesla which takes care of any wall-breakers trying to come through. The rest of that attacks start with the barbarian king and then the giants always get sprung.

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